The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Ireland (CILT) are en route to Education Expo this September Written by educationexpo on June 11, 2019

Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transportation (CILT)

Are you looking for supply chain and logistics courses? If so, you will have the opportunity to meet The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Ireland (CILT) at Education Expo. The professional body will be exhibiting at the RDS on Saturday 7th September 2019.

The CILT history

CILT was founded November 3rd, 1919 in London. A group of transport professionals came together in order to “to promote, encourage and co-ordinate the study of the science and art of transport in all its branches”. 

On the 11th December 1952, the Irish branch was born. Over the years international sections of the institute grew. Therefore, ten ‘National Councils’ were established in other countries. This allowed each territory to use their own designation. The Irish section became known as the Chartered Institute of Transport (CIT) Ireland.

CIT International, now known today as CILT International, was also established this year. This new governing body still held a global remit for all territories activities and governance.

In 2002, the Chartered Institute of Transport in Ireland amalgamated with the Institute of Logistics and Transport to form, what we know today as the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) Ireland.

Meanwhile, today’s principal intent of the institute is to advocate expertise in logistics, transport and supply chain.

Today, CILT Ireland consists of three regional sections – the Southern Section, the Eastern Section and the Western Section.

The institute is a non-profit organisation, funded through membership subscriptions and educational services.

CILT Education and Exams

The Institute are dedicated to working on developing and advancing professionalism for the industry. CILT offers specific and specialised courses in logistics and supply chain. In addition, they provide up-skilling and professional development training programmes. Businesses that join the network can avail of subsidised courses designed to meet the current and future skills needs of their particular sector.

The studying environment is flexible and supportive for students and creates an arena for them to hone their skills in. Furthermore, the Institute provides a diverse range of qualified tutors from different disciplines.


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