Shock jock or highbrow intellectual? Find your voice with The Radio School this September at Education Expo 2019 Written by educationexpo on July 9, 2019

Radio School courses

Are you looking to do a course in broadcasting? Meet The Radio School on September 7th in the RDS for Education Expo 2019. Find out more about the courses and training they have to offer.


About The Radio School


Established in 1995, the Radio School provides part-time courses and training in radio broadcasting. Additionally, they offer media studies from beginners to advanced level. Since then the school continuously updates its training programmes in accordance with technological advances.

A team of experienced professionals, all of whom are experts in the radio industry, deliver the courses. In addition, a panel of guest lecturers teaches specialised areas of the course. The Radio School’s tutors are dedicated to helping students to learn practical experience and skills. As a result, they can make a smooth transition into the workplace. Due to the lecturers sustained involvement in the industry, they can prepare students thoroughly for involvement in this dynamic area, both at home or abroad.



To work in a professional environment you must be familiar with the operation of professional standards of equipment as well as have the ability to use creative skills to enhance the on-air product. Therefore, the Radio School utilises state-of the-art broadcast and recording equipment in a professional broadcast setting. Particular emphasis is put on gaining a thorough understanding of the following:

  • Digital Editing Systems
  • Cool edit, waveforms and digital audio
  • Multi-track recording
  • Recording group sends, mixing techniques
  • Outboard equipment
  • Sound effects units, compression and limiting, patch bays
  • On-air “jock-assist” & commercial play-out systems
  • On-air and recording desks, music and programming systems

Practical experience


Students receive a “real world” view of broadcasting at the studios of a local radio station. This enables students to view, first-hand, the various operational aspects of the radio station, and to learn in professional surroundings.

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