Education Expo & Covid-19

During July, Ireland will enter the phase of reopening society and business. Jobs, upskilling and training will be a crucial area of interest for people around Ireland as the country begins to rebuild its economy in the months to come. At Careers Unlimited, we’re making plans to return our highly-popular Jobs Expo, Construction Jobs Expo and Education Expo physical events for Q4 of 2020.


Here, we outlines the policies and practices we will operate at our physical events to ensure safe and successful events for attendees and staff alike.

Updated: 21st July, 2020


Our forthcoming physical events for Sept-Dec 2020 are as follows:


Education Expo – 29th August at the RDS
Construction Jobs Expo – 10th October at Citywest Convention Centre

Jobs Expo Galway – 3rd October at Galway Racecourse

Jobs Expo Dublin – 17th October at Hogan Suite, Croke Park

Jobs Expo Galway – 14th November at Cork City Hall


We will adopt coordinated policies of control for all of our events in relation to attendee-registration, notification of policies to attendees, access into the exhibition hall, hygiene, ingress and crowd management within the exhibitions.


Stage 1 – Smart Registration


a. Attendance will be marshalled to limit the number of attendees within the event hall at any given time to conform with HSE social distancing guidelines. Attendees will pre-register online into specific time slots, with slots divided into 90-minute duration at each of the events, with additional event time added to accommodate five distinct slots across the day. These slots will run as follows:


09.30 – 11.00

11.00 – 12.30

12.30 – 14.00

14.00 – 15.30

15.30 – 17.00


Each slot will capacity-limited and will be closed off as capacity is reached is reached, with registrants asked to double-confirm their attendance before they received confirmation of registration. .


It will be advised to guests not to travel to the event if they are feeling unwell, with attendance guidelines advised to all attendees on our website, social media and at all stages in the registration and confirmation process.


Stage 2 – Attendance & Admission


Our security personnel will marshall ingress into each event based on the following criteria:


a. Queue management will be in line with the up-to-date social distancing guidelines as advised by the Government and the HSE. Should the Government guidelines change, we will adapt these to our plans.


b. Attendance will be strictly on a ‘Registered & Confirmed’ basis. Individuals who are not registered and confirmed will not be permitted access to the venue.


c. Body temperature measurement will be performed via heat scanner / thermal imaging prior to their admission into the admission queue.


d. Admission will be conditional on using hand-sanitiser.


e. All attendees will be advised of appropriate hygiene protocols by way of hi-visibility signs on the way into each exhibition.


Stage 3 – The Venues


a. Before the event, all event space will be fully cleaned and amenities disinfected.


b. Dispensers with disinfectant will be installed in clearly visible locations at all entrances and exits.


c. All event spaces will be well ventilated.


d. Frequent cleaning of commonly used areas, such as washrooms, registration, and catering areas will take place


e. An isolation room will be available for any attendees/exhibitors reporting symptoms of Covid-19, with a specific policy to be followed in any such event.


f. Frequent audio and on-screen reminders will be made to avoid shaking hands with exhibitors, attendees and staff and for all concerned to adopt alternative greetings. Specifically, we will utilise a house-keeping presentation video at the start of each event outlining our health and safety procedures and information on social distancing and good hygiene practice. Internal screens will display reminders to social distance.


g. All bathrooms will display signage indicating the correct hand washing procedure.


h. We will make use of multiple entrances and exits to manage egress to each event, while lifts will be reserved for those with special needs.


i. We will ensure a clean and safe event space is available for your exhibitors and attendees alike with hygiene notifications and reminders will be placed around the exhibition hall using display screens, posters and floor stickers


k. Crowding will be minimised and we will use distancing measures to reduce close contact among attendees and exhibitors during the event.


l. Cafeteria employees will wear face shields that cover the entire face.


j. General cleansing work in the main areas, such as the entrances, toilets, smoking booths, escalators, and seating areas, and everywhere the visitors can reach will take place.

h. It will be mandatory that all attendees to our events must wear face masks upon admission and must wear such face masks for the duration of their attendance at the event.


Please let us know if you have any questions about our policies on COVID-19.