Are you looking to become an accountant? Accounting Technicians Ireland offer training and support. And they will be at Education Expo this September Written by educationexpo on July 20, 2018

Accounting Technicians Ireland courses
Accounting Technicians Ireland join Education Expo this autumn. The professional body will be taking admissions for their courses on 8th September at the RDS in Dublin.

About Accounting Technicians Ireland

Accounting Technicians Ireland is the leading professional body for accounting technicians in Ireland. The aim is to educate, support and represent over 10,000 people working in the profession.
Founded in 1983, Accounting Technicians have continued to provide an internationally recognised business qualification. Over the years there’s been an increase in members due to their promotion of the highest educational, technical and ethical standards.
The Accounting Technicians Ireland qualification combines professional exams with practical work experience. As members of the body, individuals are entitled to put the letters MIATI after their name. Furthermore, this is recognised by many employers as essential when hiring.
In addition, Accounting Technicians is a not-for-profit organisation. As a result, all revenues are consistently reinvested for the benefit of members. They are a partner body of Chartered Accountants Ireland and an associate member of the International Federation of Accountants. There’s offices in Dublin and Belfast and links with local networks throughout Ireland.
You can study Online, at the Dublin Academy or via one of 70 partner colleges nationwide.

Mission and Values

Above all, the primary focus is on the development, support and representation of its members in the sectors of finance and accountancy. Accounting Technicians demonstrate excellence in innovative education, while promoting the Accounting Technician award and enhancing relationships with its members. The level of support and dedication given encourages members to reach their full potential.

Accounting Technicians adhere to a set of root values that embody the institute’s culture – Excellence, Professionalism, Opportunity, Integrity, Relevance.





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